Listen Now – Episode 1

If you followed my blog in the past, you may remember a weekly article that I used to write where I go through my five favorite songs of the week.  Well, I’ve decided to bring that back, but with a new twist.  That twist is Listen Now, a new weekly podcast.  The goal is still the same: provide you each week with five (hopefully new) songs to listen to.  Instead of it just being a boring write-up though, I’ll give you a sneak peak of each of the songs with the show.  Enough of that, though, let’s get started.

Some of the songs included in this podcast may contain strong language.  Opening/Closing song: “Crystals” by M.O.O.N.

5) “Walking in Your Footsteps” by Shout Out Louds

Shout Out Louds is an indie pop/rock band from Stockholm, Sweden.  Formed in 2001, the band has released four studio albums and four EPs.  The most recent release is Optica, which was released on February 26, 2013.  I found the album on iTunes last week and the second single off of it, “Walking in Your Footsteps,” really caught my ear.  The band’s sound reminds me a bit of new wave bands like Soft Cell or Modern English.  Maybe it’s just a European thing, I don’t know.  Anyway, “Walking in Your Footsteps” is number 5 on this week’s countdown.

4) “Shoop” by Salt-n-Pepa

Who doesn’t remember Salt-n-Pepa?  The rap trio out of Queens is one of the most prolific rap groups of all time.  Recently, “Shoop”, the lead single off of Very Necessary, was used in an episode of Parks and Recreation.  Since then, I’ve been hooked on it.  It’s such a catchy tune, one that’s great to both chill out and listen to or party to.  At number 4 this week it’s “Shoop.”

3) “Little Numbers” by Boy

Boy is a new band out of Europe consisting of (who would have guessed it) two girls.  Irony aside, these girls have some talent.  While not as well known, I would compare the band’s single, “Little Numbers,” to recent heavyweights like “Little Talks,” “Ho Hey,” or “It’s Time.”  All of these songs have that indie sound that seems to be taking the world by storm.  We’ll see if Boy gets the same amount of attention, though.  Until then, here’s “Little Numbers” at number 3.

2) “My Number” by Foals

Foals is another one of those bands that has been around for a while, but only recently has seen global success.  Out of the UK, the band just released its third studio album, Holy Fire.  So far, its the most successful album that Foals has released and it’s caught my attention.  The song that’s stuck with me most, so far, is the second single, “My Number.”  So, at number 2, here’s “My Number.”

1) “Domo 23” by Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator and his group, Odd Future have garnered the attention of the hip hop world over the last two years.  This started with Tyler’s controversial single, “Yonkers,” which released in 2011 with his second studio album, Goblin.  Since then, Tyler has been helping his other group members find the same success that he has.  Tyler hasn’t forgotten about his own career, though, and is releasing his much-anticipated album, Wolf, later this month   The lead single off of the album, “Domo 23,” released last month and has, so far, been a bit quiet.  I love it, though, so at number 1 this week is “Domo 23.”

Check back next week for a new countdown!  Be sure to follow me on Twitter and keep reading my blog!  Thanks for listening!


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