Listen Now – Episode 4

Listen Now is a weekly podcast aimed at helping you find new music.  Each week I come to you with five new songs that I believe you need to hear.  Take five minutes of your time to listen to the podcast or, if you’re in a hurry, take a look at the written countdown below.  Enjoy!

Opening/Closing Song: “Inner Animal” by Scattle

Number 5 “Power Lines” by Telekinesis

A one man band is something that I find to be truly awesome.  In the spirit of that, the first band on this week’s countdown is Telekinesis.  Telekinesis consists of just one member, Michael Benjamin Lerner, who plays the drums, guitar and sings for the band.  Lerner released Dormarion, the band’s third studio album, on Tuesday and I was immediately drawn in by the track, “Power Lines,” which is where this week’s countdown begins.

Number 4 “I Wanna Be A Warhol” by Alkaline Trio

Dating back to 1996, Alkaline Trio has been one the most truly consistent punk rock bands in America.  The band saw moderate success back in 2005 when it released Crimson, its fifth studio album, which produced successful singles in “Mercy Me” and “Time to Waste”.  In 2013, Alkaline Trio is back with its first studio album since 2010 that sports fully new content.  The album is called My Shame is True and it was released on Tuesday.  I have been really enjoying the album and “I Wanna Be A Warhol” has been on constant repeat for me ever since I got my hands on it.

Number 3 “Empty Space” by The Story So Far

The Story So Far is a relatively new band out of Walnut Creek, California that just released its second studio album, What You Don’t See, at the end of March.  I did not really know what to expect at first, but once I listened to the album I was infatuated with how similar The Story So Far is to bands like Four Year Strong and Set Your Goals.  They just a real nice, hard punk sound to them, which I really like.

Number 2 “Miracle Mile” by Cold War Kids

I have been listening to Cold War Kids since 2011 when the band released Mine Is Yours, its third studio album.  However, when I saw Cold War Kids was releasing a new album on Tuesday, I was not all that excited.  I am eating my words now, though, as I have really been digging the new album, which is titled Dear Miss Lonelyhearts.  For those of you who have never heard of Cold War Kids, its sound is a mix between Neon Trees and Grouplove.  If that means nothing to you, well then just have a listen for yourself.

Number 1 “Answer” by Tyler, the Creator

I have been anticipating the release of Tyler, the Creator’s third studio album, Wolf, ever since he first mentioned its existence in 2010.  I really believe Tyler is one of the best up and coming artists around right now and once you look past the rapper’s offensive lyrics and outlandish behavior, you are really able to appreciate his artistry.  This is demonstrated most in Tyler’s song “Answer” which is a self-induced struggle where Tyler battles with hatred for his missing father, while at the same time yearning for a chance to speak to him.  I think this is Tyler’s best track as an artist and really gives you a reason to connect with him as a person.


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