Tornadoes a Turbulent Force Against Bellport

GREENLAWN, New York, April 24

BY: Andrew Wroblewski

With just under 6 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, the ball soared through the air at the Harborfields High School lacrosse field. The fans roared in excitement and the players looked on in the anticipation as the ball finally landed — no, not in a goal, but into the bleachers.

The stray ball was one of the more exciting moments in the April 10 game between Harborfields (5-3) varsity boys lacrosse team and Bellport (3-5), as the Tornadoes exploded on offense to easily beat the Clippers 17-6.

“I think a lot of our guys are finally in the right sports, doing the right things, at the right time,” said Glenn Lavey, head coach for Harborfields.

One such player was junior Terrence Haggerty, who led Harborfields with a career-high 8 goals and added an assist to fuel the Tornadoes’ attack.

“We go as he goes in a lot of ways,” said Lavey. “I think maybe we didn’t have him in the right spot to be successful at the beginning of the year, but now we’ve got him attacking from up top more, which is a better spot for him.”

Haggerty was aided by junior Connor Bennardo, who also had a career day with his 8 assists for the Tornadoes in the victory.

“It’s important for him,” Lavey said of Bennardo. “He hasn’t been playing up to the standards that he sets for hmself so it’s nice for him to have a breakout game.”

Harborfields was also solid on the defensive end of the field, continuing its streak of allowing 8 or fewer goals in every game this season. Lavey praised his “defensive unit” after the game and gave credit to his three goalkeepers — seniors Declan Herbert, junior Kyle Lumpe, and senior Aiden McHale — who combined for 10 saves in the game.

Senior Chris Graniello led Bellport’s struggling attack with his 3 goals in the game. John Raymond, the Clippers’ senior goalkeeper, had 8 saves in the loss.

The Tornadoes went on to lose a tough match to Mt. Sinai, 12-7, on April 14. Before the match on Wednesday, their record in Division II was 4-3. The Tornadoes’ next game is Saturday at 10 a.m. at Northport’s Veterans Park.

Junior Terrence Haggerty, right, had a career day for Harborfields as he scored 8 goals to help the Tornadoes defeat Bellport 17-6 on April 10
Junior Terrence Haggerty, right, had a career day for Harborfields as he scored 8 goals to help the Tornadoes defeat Bellport 17-6 on April 10

Originally published: The Long Islander (Thursday, April 24, 2014;  pg. A30)


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