Patriotism Flies In Northport Village

NORTHPORT, New York, June 12

BY: Andrew Wroblewski

In the mind of Rogerlyn Cipriano, the colors red, white and blue represent beauty and patriotism.

That may very well be why, when walking down Main Street in Northport, you’ll be greeted by a swarm of red, white and blue in the form of this nation’s flag, as several stand proudly in front of Northport Village Hall.

“I think when people walk into the village and see all of the flags, that they have this amazing sense of patriotism,” Cipriano, founder Angels for Warriors, said. “You just feel so proud to be an American.”

Flags fly in front of Northport Village Hall as a part of Angels for Warriors’ Stars and Stripes Tribute.
Flags fly in front of Northport Village Hall as a part of Angels for Warriors’ Stars and Stripes Tribute.

Angels for Warriors is a 501(c)(3) non-profit resource and advocacy center for veterans, their families and caregivers, located in East Northport, of which Cipriano, of Northport, is also the CEO.

One of Angels for Warriors’ projects is the flag tribute, known simply as the “Stars and Stripes Tribute,” which has been put together by Cipriano and her team.

“We have a form that people can pick up at Village Hall and they can then purchase a flag for $35 in honor of or in memory of a veteran,” Cipriano said.

The flags can be purchased through July 4 and are placed in front of village hall, the Northport Historical Society, and the gazebo in Village Park.

“The tribute has been up since Memorial Day and will stay up until July 5,” Cipriano said.

Along with the flags to honor veterans, a ceremony to honor the memory of a fallen, local veteran, Cpl. Christopher Scherer, will also be held by Angels for Warriors.

Scherer, a graduate of Northport High School who became a United States Marine in 2004, was killed by a sniper in 2007 while deployed in Iraq.

“I’ve been told that Christopher was an amazing gentleman,” Cipriano said. “His father, Tim, is also an amazing gentleman and does so much for the men and women overseas.”

In what turned out to be Scherer’s final days, Tim said, the Marine called home and requested some extra socks. Scherer’s parents agreed, but before they hung up, Scherer requested they also send socks for some of his comrades, as not many of them had a family which they could look to for support.

Scherer’s parents reached out to their friends and asked for help in putting together a package to send to Scherer and his companions. They raised $2,500 and the package was sent, but Scherer would never receive it, as he was killed just a few days later.

Today – and ever since Scherer’s death – Tim and his wife, Janet, have been dedicating their time and effort to support U.S. Marines with projects like “Leave No Marine Behind,” which supports troops in Iraq with supplies like socks and underwear in memory of Scherer.

“I’m happy that they’ll be honoring Christopher,” Tim Scherer said. “We appreciate when people remember [Christopher].”

The ceremony for Scherer will be held in front of Village Hall on Saturday, June 14 at 10:30 a.m.

For information on the Stars and Stripes Tribute, call 631-651-5471.

Originally published: Long Islander News: Record (Thursday, June 12, 2014; A17)


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