Timothy Brojer Feels At Home As Northport’s Village Admin

NORTHPORT, New York, August 7

BY: Andrew Wroblewski

Even though he’s nearly 40 miles away from his house, Timothy Brojer feels right at home as Northport’s newest village administrator.

“Everything has been going good,” Brojer, of Mastic Beach, said. “It was an easy transition, but it wouldn’t have been as easy without a good group of people here who really know what they’re doing.”

In June, at a village board meeting, Northport Mayor George Doll announced the hiring of Brojer who had previously served for three years as the Mastic Beach village administrator. Northport Trustee Jerry Maline, commissioner of personnel for the village, was one of the key figures in the hiring process and a major advocate of Brojer for the position.

“Tim has been with Mastic Beach since the beginning and they’ve gone through some challenging times – different challenges than we have here,” Maline said. “So far, he’s jumped right in and has fit in with all of the personnel here.”

Brojer began working for Northport on July 7. To make the transition even easier for Brojer, he continues to work and interact with former Northport village administrator, Gene Guido, whom he called an “asset.”

In his new position, Brojer said he will oversee several of the village’s capital projects, such as the upcoming venture to repave several of the village’s roads, which Maline hopes will be completed before the winter. To coincide with that, Brojer will also work alongside the village’s police department and will oversee operations of the Northport Village Sewage Treatment Plant.

Brojer, who previously worked in the construction and demolition industries – he opened his own demolition company in 2005 – said he is no stranger to planning and executing large-scale projects. The 39-year-old is hopeful that he’ll be able to successfully implement his expertise in those fields with his continued work for Northport.

“I think his skillset with [Mastic] will translate well to us,” Maline said. “There are a couple of things he’s still getting familiar with, but he already knows how to enforce and apply the town code.”

Brojer is set to earn $105,000 per year and will pay 20 percent of his health benefit costs. Along with working full-time during the week, Brojer is also required to attend nightly meetings with Northport’s board of trustees and planning board.

Originally published: Long Islander News: The Record (Thursday, August 7, 2014;  A5)


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