They Collect Your Coins And Jewelry

HUNTINGTON, New York, October 23

BY: Andrew Wroblewski

Experience is something that the minds behind Collectors Coins & Jewelry have been collecting since 1946. The Long Island-based buyer and seller of jewelry, coins, gold, watches and just about anything else, was founded by the Buz family in Massapequa Park nearly 70 years ago, and today they operate three other locations – one of which is now found at 331 New York Ave. in Huntington.

“We liked the location, and the town here is really great,” Arthur Buz, owner of the Huntington shop, said. “We thought it would be a unique place to showcase some of the more unique pieces that we have to offer.”

From left: Owner Arthur Buz, Linda Padrone, Cie Hansel and Felix Kasirye are a few of the brains behind Huntington’s Collectors Coins & Jewelry location at 331 New York Ave.
From left: Owner Arthur Buz, Linda Padrone, Cie Hansel and Felix Kasirye are a few of the brains behind Huntington’s Collectors Coins & Jewelry location at 331 New York Ave.

Two years ago, Buz said, Collectors Coins & Jewelry melded with what used to be Estate Jewels of Huntington. Today, the owner and his crew, made up of Linda Padrone, Cie Hansel and Felix Kasirye, deal with very high-end pieces – like a unused 1986 Rolex Daytona, which the shop is selling for $100,000 – along with ordinary pieces of gold and silver for those not looking to spend that kind of money.

“We like to be in all spectrums and treat everybody equally when they come here,” Buz, 25, said. “You can come here and buy something for $50… [And] everything we offer to sell we also buy.”

Some of Collectors Coins & Jewelry’s most beautiful pieces, Buz said, were purchased from estates – such as a $40,000 Russian piece containing very rare stones totaling 32 carats. Coins, watches and other pieces of jewelry also make their way through the shop and, with years of expertise to back them, Buz said he and his crew can immediately identify what’s valuable and what’s not.

“I can literally look at something and tell you if it’s gold [just] by putting it in my hand,” Buz, of Jericho, said. “You’ll never really know [what you have] until you have us look at it… If you have something that’s been handed down to you, it’s always good to know what it’s worth.”

Free evaluation, Buz said, is offered by the shop – with a reasonable cutoff of a “truckload,” he added. A junk draw, old pieces of clothing and other unlikely vehicles, Buz said, have carried some of the most valuable items that Collectors Coins & Jewelry has come across.

But not everyone can be so lucky.

“People say, ‘Well what’s rare?’” Buz said. “Well it’s rare because it’s not common – so the chances that you have it are slim.”

Just because something is old, he said, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s rare – and vice-versa. For those who don’t come across a potentially rare piece on their own but are still in the market for one, the internet is always a road to success through Collectors Coins & Jewelry’s website, which offers fast, free delivery across the United States for items like watches, engagement rings, jewelry, coins and more.

“Diamond jewelry is a dime a dozen. You can always go bigger – some of the more unique pieces are what we like to offer online,” Buz said. “They’re really the things that you don’t see every day.”

In today’s selling environment, he said, it’s become imperative for jewelers to sell to as wide an audience as possible, and for Collectors Coins & Jewelry – found only on Long Island – the business has found a way to stretch its marketplace to places as far away as California.

For those in Huntington, though, Buz and his crew are always available to buy, sell or even just talk about fine jewelry, coins, watches – and everything in-between.

“All of us really like what we do,” he said. “I don’t mind people just coming here and picking my brain. For us too it’s interesting to see [what’s out there] – [and] you may even have something really rare that you never knew about.”

Originally published: Long Islander News: Half Hollow Hills
(Thursday, October 23, 2014;  A14)


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