2014 Larry Kushnick Memorial Award: For Vita, Banking Is Personal


BY: Andrew Wroblewski

When she’s working, Vita Scaturro has two different sides: the people side and the banking side.

Vita Scaturro
Vita Scaturro

That first side loves people, being around them, interacting with them and “becoming a part of their families,” she said.

“I can’t just sit behind a desk, I need to be out there visiting clients…. It’s the best part of my job,” Scaturro, vice president and relationship manager for Melville’s JPMorgan Chase, said. “I’ve gone to people’s weddings, baptisms, wakes and funerals – you become a part of the family because they trust you.”

The second side, the banking side, hinges on that very trust. That’s because the Huntington Station resident typically manages businesses that accrue $30 million in annual revenue and up to $15 million in credit. As a relationship manager, Scaturro and her team give advice, help clients manage credit and risks and much more – all of which requires that personal bond to first be made.

“You can’t do business with people that don’t trust you,” she said. “Money is a big part of a person’s life… If they feel comfortable with you, they’ll open up to you and they’ll let you help them.”

With this mentality Scaturro climbed the corporate ladder to where she is today with success. While studying at Baruch College in New York, she took a job with what was then the Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company starting in 1977, and started climbing the ladder.

“Throughout my banking career I went through the departments the old-fashioned way – you know, the way that doesn’t exist anymore,” she said.

Holding positions as a teller, manager and more, after a few stints in other locations, Scaturro made her way to Huntington when she transferred to Gerard Street in the village and then to Woodbury Road. That last move followed Manufactures Hanover being purchased and merged to form JPMorgan Chase and there she remained until 2008. An opportunity appeared with Community National Bank at that point and she made the move to serve as vice president and branch manager of the Huntington location.

But just in 2014, Scaturro received another call; JPMorgan Chase wanted her back, and she accepted the job in Melville.

Wherever Scaturro has gone, “no matter the sign on the side of the building,” she said, the ability to merge those two sides of her professional life has followed and it’s left a lasting impression on her clients.

“I’ve always treated my clients not just as banking customers, but as individuals,” she said. “[And] over the years, people have said to me: ‘I don’t bank with Chase, I don’t bank with Community National Bank – I bank with you.’”

Originally published: Long Islander News: Person Of The Year 2014
(Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015;  B8)


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