Jim Breuer To Film Comedy Special Here

HUNTINGTON, New York, Jan. 29

BY: Andrew Wroblewski

For comedian Jim Breuer, Feb. 14 at The Paramount is going to be a “special” night.

Not only is the Long Island native returning to his original stomping grounds, but he’s going to do it on a stage where he feels wholly comfortable. There, he’ll record his new comedy special before a Paramount crowd that’s previously shown him love – very fitting for a Valentine’s Day gig.

Jim Breuer will film his upcoming comedy special at The Paramount Feb. 14.
Jim Breuer will film his upcoming comedy special at The Paramount Feb. 14.

“The minute I played The Paramount, I knew immediately that this was where I wanted to film my new special,” Breuer, who last performed at the Huntington village venue on March 18. “I worked the whole year, went out on the road to tighten up the act and now I’m coming home to Long Island… This is where I feel my best, this is where I grew up – I feel like I’m in my garage and I’m going to kill it; I can’t wait.”

A stand-up comedian, actor and radio host, Breuer describes his comedic self as “the guy that everybody likes talking to in the neighborhood that cracks you up.”

“I talk about my family, everything in my life – everyone relates to me,” Breuer, born in Valley Stream, said. “Every struggle that goes on in your house… That’s what I do.”

Influenced by the likes of Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy and more, Breuer takes seemingly “hard to talk about” topics and makes them funny. Like Pryor did, he said, Breuer wants to be a “healer” with his comedy and talk about difficult situations in his life, like his mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

“We’re not making fun of it, but we laugh about it, heal it and take care of it,” he said.

Also a music fiend, Breuer is especially excited to revisit the “hard rock environment” that The Paramount has to offer its guests.

“[Stages like The Paramount] set a completely different tone,” Breuer, 47, said. “I started standup in a rock environment… so playing rooms like that is where I’m really comfortable.”

With the filming of the special, Breuer is hopeful to capture they live experience of the show for audiences to experience for themselves at home. When people don’t come out to see him perform, Breuer said, they’re missing out on the experience, “something special, not just funny; when people see me live they’re hooked forever.”

“I’m usually excited to film a special, but with this one I know that the bases are loaded and I’m going to win the game,” he said. “I’m going to crush it [and] then I’m going to throw my bat up in the air… That’s what I’m hoping to capture.”

To experience Breuer before he hits the silver screen, tickets can be purchased at the box office or online at http://www.paramountny.com. There will be two separate performances, one beginning at 7:30 p.m. and another at 10:30 p.m. on Feb. 14, with tickets ranging from $19.50-$59.50.

Originally published: Long Islander News: Half Hollow Hills
(Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015;  Front page)


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