Friars Fall In Semifinal


BY: Andrew Wroblewski

All season long, the Friars of the St Anthony’s girls basketball team have been used to playing in hostile environments, head coach Ken Parham.

“We’re used to it; it’s something we’re prepared for,” he said.

Heading into Friday’s matchup against Christ the King, however, Parham knew this particular game would be a bit different: Christ the King was playing a night game on its home court in the CHSAA Class AA state semifinal.

“That’s a huge advantage for them,” Parham said.

Ultimately, he was right, and the talented, young St. Anthony’s team fell 63-50.

Taylor Goode, a junior, led St. Anthony’s with 23 points, including 9 made free throws and two 3-pointers. Etalyia Vogt, another junior, added 8 points of her own as the second half of the Friars’ scoring duo that’s found success all season long.

“They’ve been very important and steady for us,” Parham said of the duo that together averaged 20.4 points per game. “They really have shown a lot of leadership and good production to match.”

St. Anthony’s (19-7) jumped out to an early lead over Christ the King (20-6) in the first quarter on Friday, 15-13. From there, however, the Friars trailed 33-23 at the half and couldn’t overcome the deficit despite winning the fourth quarter 16-14. Jayla Jones-Pack, a junior, finished with 8 points for St. Anthony’s; Sarah Edmond, a junior, had 5; Maia Moffitt, a sophomore, added 3 points; Jasmine White, a sophomore, scored 2; and Tiana Baker, a sophomore, rounded out the St. Anthony’s scorers with 1 point.

The Friars rostered just one senior, Erin McCormack, this year, meaning that the 11 other Friars that filled out the roster are eligible to return next season.

Originally published: Long Islander News: Half Hollow Hills
(Thursday, Mar. 19, 2015;  A26)


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