FURY Basketball Spotlights Sportsmanship

DIX HILLS, New York, Mar. 26

BY: Andrew Wroblewski

Year after year, the Half Hollow Hills Youth Basketball League – also known as FURY – has been preaching sportsmanship, fun and teamwork through its summer basketball program. This year, founder Dennis Fields was proud to announce that in its 18th summer, FURY basketball hasn’t changed a thing.

Last season, FURY-basketball coach Stephanie Gurin, second from top left, coached her team to a championship. This year, the FURY season tips-off in June.
Last season, FURY-basketball coach Stephanie Gurin, second from top left, coached her team to a championship. This year, the FURY season tips-off in June.

“A lot of sports focus on the individual, but some revolve around a team – basketball is one of those sports,” Fields, of Dix Hills, said. “FURY basketball gives kids an activity that’s beneficial, fun and social… It helps get them off the streets and to be part of a team.”

Formed in 1996, FURY basketball is made up of youth and adult basketball programs that, this year, are expected to have over 500 members. Boys and girls, who will be entering grades K-12 in September 2015, are welcome to compete in the youth program – which sports instructional workouts, intramural leagues and private training – while an adult league is open to virtually all ages, but is regulated according to skill level.

The youth program is broken up according to age and skill level, while adults are divided into “A, B and C” divisions. Youths will be asked to participate in an evaluation during in-house registration – this year on Thursday from 6-9 p.m. in the gymnasium of the West Hollow Middle School at 250 East Neck Road in Melville. Fields can also be contacted directly at cmish11746@gmail.com to schedule a workout where a rating will be assigned.

One aspect of the leagues, however, remains consistent throughout the age and skill divisions: sportsmanship.

“We always teach sportsmanship,” Fields said. “Sportsmanship is great to teach, even at an early age. We explain why it’s important to always slap five, no matter what, and to help your teammates up after a play.”

Registration fees for the youth league are listed as $200 for every first child in a family registered; and $180 for each additional child. For the adult program, the cost is $175 per player.

Those unable to attend in-house registration can visit http://www.hillsbasketball.com or contact Fields directly for more information on how to register. Late fees, after April 30 and then May 30, for the youth league, and past May 31 for the adult league, will be enforced.

Teams are expected to be formed in May before organized play begins in June. All practices and games will be played on weekday evenings at a Half Hollow Hills gym or one surrounding the town, Fields said.

Originally published: Long Islander News: Half Hollow Hills
(Thursday, Mar. 26, 2015;  A22)


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