‘Intentionally Small,’ Incredibly Personal

HUNTINGTON, New York, May 7

BY: Andrew Wroblewski

Huntington’s Carol Schlitt is no stranger to the law.

After graduating from the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts, Schlitt attended law school at St. John’s University in Queens. From that point on, she’s developed a longstanding, personal bond with the law over her more than 25-year-long career as an attorney.

Today, at The Schlitt Law Firm in Huntington, the personal injury and medical malpractice attorney is now devoted to extending that personal bond to her clients – all 100 of them.

Carol L. Schlitt and her team at The Schlitt Law Firm in Huntington and in the Bronx work to deliver a “personal” touch to each and every client they take on across the New York Metropolitan area.
Carol L. Schlitt and her team at The Schlitt Law Firm in Huntington and in the Bronx work to deliver a “personal” touch to each and every client they take on across the New York Metropolitan area.

“We emphasize personal contact with our clients,” Schlitt said. “We look at [our work] as a true partnership… The closer we are with our clients and the more information we give them, then the better job we can do for them.”

Representing those who are hurt through the fault of another – falls, motor vehicle collisions, medical negligence, etc. – the firm has made a name for itself by extending its personal touch to clients across the New York Metropolitan area through its Huntington and Bronx offices.

Communication is key, she said, and The Schlitt Law Firm ensures to constantly keeps its clients in the loop and, simultaneously, educate them in the law – for example, The Schlitt Law Firm also offers free lawyer consolation anytime over the phone.

“If we touch the case, we touch the client,” she said. “It may be something as simple as getting in a record; we’ll let the client know… that we’re working on their case because what we provide is an ‘invisible’ service. [So] we keep them in the loop every step of the way.”

But Schlitt has done it while keeping the firm “intentionally small;” she’s the only lawyer on staff.

This mentality, however, is what has helped Schlitt to develop those personal bonds with her clients as she works alongside her team: several young, aspiring legal analysts, her director of client services and husband, Mark Cronin, and mail room clerk and son, John Cronin.

Together the group has ensured that even though the firm is intentionally small in size it offers an incredibly personal impact on clients.

“We work in a team concept… We work collectively,” she said. “In law firms, typically you have the lawyer working in a private office somewhere that doesn’t interact with anybody else; that’s not what we do.”

The Schlitt Law Firm’s Huntington office encourages that “team” mentality with its openness and accessibility that Schlitt sought when deciding upon office space three years ago.

Huntington village offered that openness, she said, while allowing the firm to stay at “home,” where Schlitt and her family reside.

The location has also helped The Schlitt Law Firm be involved with the community.

“We are particularly focused on charities focused on children; we donate 1 percent of our profits to children’s charities,” Schlitt said.

Originally published: Long Islander News: Half Hollow Hills
(Thursday, May 7, 2015;  A11)


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