Psychic Giovanna ‘Reading’ Main Street

HUNTINGTON, New York, May 21

BY: Andrew Wroblewski

Even though she never technically left, Huntington village’s very own psychic Giovanna – and her gifts – have been reborn in the form of a beautiful Main Street storefront.

Those interested in psychic readings can visit psychic Giovanna at her 273 Main St. location in Huntington village.
Those interested in psychic readings can visit psychic Giovanna at her 273 Main St. location in Huntington village.

“Huntington called me back… I want to make it my home again,” Giovanna Rouplo, a psychic who has shared her gifts in the village for nearly 30 years, said.

After several years spent in an appointment-only office space on New York Avenue, Giovanna has come back home in the form of a flagship location nestled in a second-floor storefront just above Neraki in the village at 273 Main St. She’s now accepting clients for appointments and walk-in readings.

“My gift is very strong… It’s healing in the spiritual realm,” Giovanna, who grew up in Huntington, said. “Our nature is to help people connect the dots; it’s not always about the predictions, it’s about the solutions to problems.”

For Giovanna, that gift is something that was almost forced upon her.

Though she said that she “never actually wanted it,” at 8 years old she realized that she was able to help others make decisions and offer advice. Hailing from a family with at least five-generation’s worth of psychics, spiritualists and healers, this didn’t come as a surprise, but she wasn’t ready to embrace it.

“I’ve tired many other businesses and things, but it always called me back,” she said.

In 1988, she opened a 320 New York Ave. location and found success. Offering clients an array of services, from palm and tarot card readings to spiritual cleansing and Chakra balancing ranging from $25-$125, Giovanna garnered a trusting following that comes to her in times of decision-making, healing and searching. She’s traveled the world, having previously set up a location in Beverly Hills, and hosted a show for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

She said her gift mostly comes down to spiritual readings where she helps her clients read their past, present and futures while aiding in problem-solving, decision-making and healing.

“Sometimes the spirit just asks questions without the mind even being involved,” she said. “I’m not always a feel-good reader; this is a place for truth and honesty. But, if it’s a negative reading, it’s something that has a solution. I’m a problem solver… I come up with solutions.”

Families, businessmen, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. – Giovanna services clients from all walks of life. Also offered by Giovanna are bridal showers, celebrations and get-togethers that make use of her new cozy and welcoming Main Street location.

Those interested in scheduling an appointment or party can contact Giovanna at 631-433-0432; the psychic also offers over-the-phone readings and has locations in Port Jefferson Station, Port Jefferson Village and Melville.


Originally published: Long Islander News: Half Hollow Hills
(Thursday, May 21, 2015;  A11)


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