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Hofstra under pressure as the debate approaches

Hosting one of the 2012 Presidential Debates is the most significant event in the history of Hofstra University.  Not only does the debate generate the attention of possible Hofstra enrollees, but it also cements Hofstra’s place into United States history.  With this debate, Hofstra will become just the second university in United States history to be chosen by the Commission on Presidential Debates to host back-to-back presidential debates (2008 and 2012).  The only other university to have done this is Washington University in St. Louis (2000 and 2004).  This, of course, is a monumental achievement for Hofstra, but how much pressure has it placed on the University, those who work there, and its students?

In order to host a Presidential Debate, there is an innumerable amount of tasks that must be accomplished by a university.  Each department, despite its usual focus, plays a part in making the debate a success.  This ranges from public safety and video production, to everything in-between.

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