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Students donate time on Alternative Spring Break

Last year, Hofstra’s Alternative Spring Break program went to El Paso, Texas to build homes. This year’s trip was different. Instead of constructing homes, the group demolished them.

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Sorority celebrates lost sister

The sisters of Phi Sigma Sigma made one thing certain at Cristina El Shahawi’s memorial Wednesday: they would not focus on her death, but her life.

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Student app ends boyfriend problems and expected for public release

Lucas Gallardo, a senior political science major, came up with the idea for Boyfriend’s Bestfriend, an upcoming application for Apple’s iOS platform, in the fall of 2012.  Since then, Gallardo and his partners, Alex Spiteri, a junior entrepreneurship major, and Henry Rood-Matza, a junior entrepreneurship major, have refined the idea of the app, won second prize in two separate Capital One competitions, are now competing in a third competition—also hosted by Capital One—and are prepping the app for a public release, which will take “about a month” according to Gallardo. Continue reading Student app ends boyfriend problems and expected for public release

Panel recalls Sandy’s difficulties for journalists

On Nov. 28, nearly three weeks after Hurricane Sandy devastated Long Island, five journalists gathered at Hofstra University to discuss their personal storm experiences and to describe how the storm will change the way in which the news industry deals with high caliber storms in the future.

The panel took place at 7 p.m. in Breslin Hall. The panel, which went by the name Covering Sandy: Amazing Tales and Lessons Learned, was hosted by The Press Club of Long Island and the Hofstra School of Communication. The panel consisted of speakers David North of WALK Radio, David Lopez of Newsday, Judy Martin of News 12, Bruce Avery of WRHU, and Kristen Maldonado, a senior journalism student at Hofstra.

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Commencement ceremony changes for the class of 2013

Hofstra University has changed the way it will host the 2013 Commencement Ceremony.  In past years, the University held the ceremony in the James M. Stuart Stadium and allowed for graduating students to have an unlimited amount of guests attend to see them receive their diploma.  However, for this year—and years to come—Hofstra has decided to move the ceremony to the David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex and limit the amount of guests each student can have in attendance at the event.

The decision to change the event’s structure was made over the summer of 2012.  Each year, Hofstra officials meet to discuss how they can improve the events that Hofstra hosts.  Graduation—being one of the most important events—was of major discussion at this year’s meeting.  After lengthy discussion, Hofstra decided it must change the way the event is structured.  This was due mainly to constant concerns with the weather.

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Hofstra under pressure as the debate approaches

Hosting one of the 2012 Presidential Debates is the most significant event in the history of Hofstra University.  Not only does the debate generate the attention of possible Hofstra enrollees, but it also cements Hofstra’s place into United States history.  With this debate, Hofstra will become just the second university in United States history to be chosen by the Commission on Presidential Debates to host back-to-back presidential debates (2008 and 2012).  The only other university to have done this is Washington University in St. Louis (2000 and 2004).  This, of course, is a monumental achievement for Hofstra, but how much pressure has it placed on the University, those who work there, and its students?

In order to host a Presidential Debate, there is an innumerable amount of tasks that must be accomplished by a university.  Each department, despite its usual focus, plays a part in making the debate a success.  This ranges from public safety and video production, to everything in-between.

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Hunger Project unites students for ‘greater food’

Finding something to eat may not be a problem for most students here in Hempstead, but one newly formed club seeks to address a global issue that leaves millions hungry outside of our campus gates. Hofstra University Hunger Project, or HUnger, was founded late last Spring as a campus chapter of Universities Fighting World Hunger. The club seeks to generate hunger awareness and raise funds to donate to the UN World Food Programme.

Elisa dos Santos, a junior business economics major originally from Brazil, was inspired to form HUnger while searching for a speech topic to present to a class. After endlessly searching for a theme, Santos finally thought about hunger in the world today. She decided on the topic of hunger and made her speech, but didn’t stop there.

“Hunger is one of the main problems in the world. There are at least 925 million people going to bed hungry every night and I don’t think many people know about it,” said Dos Santos.

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Lackmann willing to put “You First”

Lackmann Culinary Services, Hofstra’s main, on campus food provider, has posted signs in Hofstra’s dining halls detailing the company’s success at keeping on campus food prices the same as they were in 2011. Hofstra and Lackmann were able to agree upon not raising prices in 2012/2013, despite rising food prices that have been seen outside of Hofstra.

Linda Pianelli, Marketing Manager for Lackmann Culinary Services at Hofstra University, stated that the signs posted in the dining halls are a part of Lackmann’s “You First” service program.

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Hofstra Students Embark on Alternative Spring Break Trip to El Paso, Texas

Over Spring Break 2012, a group of 12 Hofstra students ventured to El Paso, Texas to help a needy family build a new home.  The trip was sanctioned by Habitat for Humanity—a non-profit organization dedicated to building homes for those in need—but also gave the students ample opportunity to explore the culture of El Paso.

The trip is centered on building a house for a family who is unable to do so for themselves.  Through the trip, students are able to make are to contribute to a great cause, while still being able to make great connections and sight-see.  Along with the students, the family, whose house is being built, also contributes to the work.  The family consists of a mother, father, and three young girls—aged 4, 8, and 12.  Habitat for Humanity requires the family to put in at least 200-250 hours of work into the construction of the house.  Once the house is built, the mortgage is handled by Habitat for Humanity so that there is less of a financial strain put on the family.

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