Stimson Squad Undefeated In Second-Straight Season


BY: Andrew Wroblewski

The wins, accolades and records are just background noise to Andrea Orlando, coach of the Stimson Middle School softball team. Though Orlando has coached her squads of young Wildcats to two consecutive undefeated seasons – and a 40-1 record in the last four years – the coach doesn’t focus on that.

All that matters to Orlando is her players.

Barbara Tripi was one of the Stimson Wildcats power hitters this season, coach Andrea Orlando said.
Barbara Tripi was one of the Stimson Wildcats power hitters this season, coach Andrea Orlando said.

“People think we are obsessed with winning – that I go onto a field, keyed up, blood pressure pumping, do or die, raring to destroy an opposing team,” Orlando, who has coached in the South Huntington School District for nearly 15 years, said. “I never go out onto the field like that… I’m focused on my players and can’t think of much else.”

This mindset has brought plenty success to the Stimson softball team as the girls prepare to take the next step as Wildcats to high school play.

Through a successful 2015 campaign, the Wildcats were led on offense by strong hitting and on defense with strong pitching, Orlando said.

“This particular 2015 team boasts some of the strongest home-run hitters we have,” she said, citing Barbara Tripi and team co-captain Jacqueline Thomann.

More solid hitting, Orlando said, came from Stephanie Ross, Kasey Williams, Morgan Wagner, Brianna Hansen, Corinne DeRosa, and Madison Aucone.

On the mound, Stimson was led by the team’s second co-captain, Alexa Pedicini, who proved to be a “dominant” force as she led Stimson to six shutout this season.

The Wildcats success was also fueled by Keara Benson, Jillian Crowley, Carly Dammer, Tatiana Doddo and Anne Rodriguez.

Originally published: Long Islander News: The Long Islander
(Thursday, June 11, 2015;  A34)


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